Refinancing Made Simple

We're here to make things fast and simple for you. Whether you're looking to refinance to save money with a lower rate, get a consistent monthly payment by switching to a fixed rate loan, or get out of debt sooner by getting a shorter term, let's get started and get it done. #1AMrefinance

Loan Options


The value restrictions that were in place originally for this program have been removed, so no matter what you currently owe above the present value of your home, you may now qualify for a lower, fixed rate loan with the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).

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Renovation Loans

With a Renovation Loan from 1st Advantage Mortgage, you get a loan for the purchase price of the house plus the expected costs of the renovation - all in one package. Purchase or refinance a home and make the upgrades you want and take up to 6 months to complete the project.

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Protect Your Equity

Value Guard Extended from 1st Advantage Mortgage expands upon our original Value Guard program to include up to 15 years of protection on your home’s value, protection for any amount of your home’s value or higher, and compensation of up to 20% of the protection amount.

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Homebuyer Privileges

1st Advantage Mortgage and Genworth Mortgage Insurance have teamed up with major suppliers to create Homebuyer Privileges. When you work with us to get your mortgage, you'll have access to great savings on moving and home-related products and services.

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