6 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

6-easy-ways-to-decorate-your-outdoor-spaceSummertime provides many opportunities to spend time outdoors with family and friends. Enjoy dinner outside instead of being cooped up inside, have a neighbor over for coffee on the front porch or host a backyard barbecue. Make your outdoor space more inviting for your guests by sprucing it up for summer with these tips!

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Why bigger isn’t always better – the benefits of a small home

why-bigger-isnt-always-better-the-benefits-of-a-small-homeOver the years the average home size has continued to increase in the US, with the average new home size in 2015 topping 2700 square feet. However, more and more people are starting to realize that less is more when it comes to the size of your home. Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking for your next home, choosing a smaller home may be a better fit for your family. Here are 6 benefits that may come with living in a small house.

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How to pay down a mortgage in less than 30 years

how-to-pay-down-a-mortgage-in-less-than-30-yearsIf you have a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, you are not alone. Recent data shows that 30-year mortgages are still the most popular loan term for homeowners in the US, with over 70% of people applying for purchase mortgages choosing 30-year fixed rate mortgages, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. But, just because you signed up for a 30-year mortgage, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to wait the entire term to pay off your mortgage.

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6 Tips for Navigating a Bidding War

6-tips-for-navigating-a-bidding-warSummer is a popular time to shop for a home, which coupled with the current shortage of housing inventory, has made the home buying process extra competitive. Once you find a house and are serious about making an offer, you may not be the only one interested, which could leave you face-to-face with a bidding war. Here are some tips to help you make an offer that the seller may not be able to resist.

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It’s not too late to start your vegetable garden

its-not-too-late-to-start-your-vegatable-gardenDid you have every intention of planting a vegetable garden this year and just never get around to it? Don’t worry, there is still time! There are plenty of veggies that can be planted mid to late summer and thrive well into the fall season. So, gather up your gardening tools and get ready to plant these late bloomers so you can soon enjoy fresh, homegrown vegetables of your own!

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