8 Questions to Ask When You Outgrow Your Home

8-questions-to-ask-when-you-outgrow-your-homeIf you’ve outgrown your home and need more space, you have two options: remodel or move. Here are 8 questions to ask yourself to help decide which the right approach is for you.

1. What are the benefits of remodeling? Remodeling can often times cost less than buying a new home.

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11 Features That Can Increase Your Home Value

11-features-that-can-increase-your-home-valueThe most common home improvement projects are kitchen and bathroom remodels. But often times you may not have the time, patience or budget complete a renovation. Even if you can’t remodel, your home might already have the features that can ultimately increase your home’s price tag!

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3 Reasons Not to Take from Your 401(k)

3-reasons-not-to-take-from-your-401kWe all know how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of house hunting. If you fall in love with a home before you have enough saved up for a down payment, you might be tempted to take from your 401(k). But there are serious downsides to borrowing from your 401(k) that could really cost you down the line.

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4 Ways to Put Your Tax Refund into Your Home

4-ways-to-put-your-tax-refund-into-your-homeSure it’s fun to spend your tax refund on a new TV or a get-away vacation, but why not reinvest that money in your home? Here are four suggested ways to spend your tax refund that could help you increase the value of your home.

1. Pay down debt: This is a great opportunity to pay off any home equity loans, or even prepay your mortgage for a month.

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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

spring-home-maintenance-checklistWith the change of seasons, comes a new list of chores and home maintenance concerns – out with the snow-blowing and in with the lawn-mowing. It’s important to look over your property to ensure no damage was done during the cold, winter months, paying close attention to these 9 tasks:

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