How to Childproof Your Home

how-to-childproof-your-homeChildproofing a home is a necessary part of raising young children, and it can be a daunting task. Even for experienced parents or those with small homes, seeing the world from the perspective of a child, anticipating all the potential dangers and outsmarting the child’s persistent and curious mind can be tough. Thankfully, others have already seen it all and shared their advice. This list will help you cover some of the bases when it comes to providing a safe space for any young ones you might have or any pint-sized visitors to your home.

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5 Fire Safety Tips

5-fire-safety-tipsEven with the prevalent safety features and responsive modern fire departments of today, home fire safety is still essential. The smallest errant spark can spread through a home in minutes, and if caught unprepared, children and adults alike may not know how to respond. Thankfully, if you follow the five steps below, you can prepare your family on how to react should a fire ever occur in your home.

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Equip Your Home with LED Lighting

equip-your-home-with-led-lightingIt’s taken some time, but “energy-efficient lighting” is no longer a scary term. After decades of enduring the pale, flickering, “institutional” glow of fluorescent bulbs, we now have the option of energy-efficient lighting that is not just palatable but arguably preferable to traditional incandescent bulbs. In previous years, this took the form of improved compact florescent lights (CFLs), but now, a new favorite is taking the lead: LEDs.

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How to Renegotiate Your Bills

how-to-renegotiate-your-billsNegotiating may be viewed as a dying art in America, but guess what? It still works. From department store purchases to insurance rates to automotive care, you might be surprised how often the answer to “Can you give me a deal?” is “Yes!”. 

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Benefits of a shorter mortgage term

benefits-of-a-shorter-mortgage-termWith continued low interest rates, more people are passing on the popular 30 year fixed rate loan in favor of a 15 year fixed rate loan. While opting for a 15 year term may be ambitious, the benefits go beyond just simply paying off the mortgage sooner, although for some that is reason enough to switch to a 15 year mortgage. 

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